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Mobile Washing Containment

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Collect hazardous materials, fuels, oils and other chemicals with a mobile washing containment pad.

Mobile Washing Containment Pad

A mobile vehicle washing containment pad is placed under trucks, cars, tractors, and other vehicles during the cleaning process. As the name implies, the goal of this containment system is to collect hazardous materials such as fuel, oil, and other chemicals during the washing process – a crucial task for businesses wishing to stay SPCC and EPA compliant.

The escape of these harmful chemicals into the environment is a potentially major issue with long-lasting and costly effects. Polystar’s CAMEL Tri-Star modular secondary containment system be used for mobile washing and a variety of other useful applications. Continue reading to learn more about this powerful mobile washing containment pad.

The CAMEL Tri-Star is a modular secondary containment system which contains incidental spills of liquids that occur during truck transfer operations. The CAMEL Tri-Star can also be used as a mobile washing containment pad to make your heavy-duty vehicle clean-up quick and easy while mitigating potential risks to the environment.

This system is manufactured in 13’x7” sections, with a 9” wall around the sides. The fiberglass coating over a steel frame makes the system durable for holding vehicles, as well as preventing any hazardous materials from soaking through the system.

Advantages of Camel Tri-Star

  • Easy installation – no excavation and limited site-preparation are required
  • 3-step installation process – installing is just bolting the sections, sealing the jointures, and siting the steel ramps
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Non-porous design – no hazardous materials will reach the ground
  • Portability – the system can be easily disassembled and moved where you need it

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